Coldplay music product placed in CSI: New York episode

New York Post, 11/30/05 -- When he's not investigating heinous crimes, "CSI: New York" Detective Danny Messer is downloading ringtones on his cellphone.

At least that's what the producers at CBS and Capitol Records would like audiences to believe when they see a promotional ploy on tonight's episode.

Detective Messer will be investigating a writer's death when his phone rings to the tune of "Talk," the second single from Coldplay's big-selling album "X&Y."

The show will cut to a commercial that integrates the song and a clip from the show telling viewers how they, too, can download the "Talk" ringtone. Later in the program, the song plays again as background music.

"Cellphones ringing are a regular part of any 'CSI' episode," said CBS spokesman Chris Ender. "We wanted a top band and a ringtone that fit creatively."

Both CBS and Capitol Records expect to get a promotional boost from the cross-pollination, while sharing the revenue from the ringtone downloads.

The ringtone will be available exclusively for one week to people who send the text message "Talk" to a number flashed during the commercial break.

The link between crime and Coldplay is a stretch, but it illustrates the lengths to which media companies are willing to go in pursuit of elaborate marketing deals.

Advertisers are increasingly working with shows' writers and producers to weave products into the story lines in an era of ad-skipping technology and general clutter.

In addition, more companies are also looking to defray marketing costs and play off each other's strengths through joint promotions.

At Magnetic Alliance, we feel this integration is noteworthy. First of all, this is the #1 television show in the country teaming up with one of the world's greatest rock bands. As the show commercials will promote the ringtone availability, the consumer will benefit from the relevance of the commercial pods. Talk about fighting back at TiVo! In addition, it is not just an integration but rather a component of a 360 degree activation strategy.


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