Video Games and Product Placement

Ad Age published an article today on the findings of a recent Mediaedge:cia study that probed the attitudes of in-game product placement. The conclusion of the study found that hard-core players are tolerant for appropriate placements.

Read the article here: http://adage.com/news.cms?newsId=46915

This is significant news to our community as over 150 million people play video, electronic and online games in the US alone. If the placement is authentic and organic, the video game's level of realism will only benefit therefore making a great brand environment and experience for players.

This delicate balance of product placement and original content illustrates how critical it is that both parties understand each other's strengths and weaknesses before committing to working together.

As a community and as a relatively young industry, we have the opportunity to shape our future. It is imperative that we always remember the importance of the consumer experience and continue to question how our integrations will affect all involved. Without the consumer we are nothing!


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