Do I Need a Product Placement Formula?


The process of developing your perfect product placement formula may be more valuable than actually having one. What would make your placement perfect? For example, would the main character talk about how great your product is and then go online to send it from your website to his dream girl? Would the hero use your product to save the day?

Of course, the formula changes depending on what type of product you represent, the content creative, the platform, what objectives you are trying to accomplish and what organically fits into the entertainment content. But it is truly invaluable to sit down with the right people at the table to discuss your company's product placement formula.

We recommend that clients paint their blue sky scenario and send it as a one-pager to their entertainment partners as a starting point in the discussions. Often the perfect scenario is not possible due to the multitude of competing interests, but at least it puts everyone on the same page toward a true partnership.


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