"The Music Product Placement"

CBS recently announced that they had re-upped their summer reality series, ROCK STAR.

Last season's ROCK STAR featured the band, INXS and it successfully made this 1980's band relevant again. Since record companies are struggling to launch new bands and even bands like the Stones are finding it difficult to sell albums, exposure has become that much more valuable these days.

Although there were a number of product placements in the show, the real product placement winner was the band. Every night of the show, the band talked about their brand and then the show encouraged the viewers to interact with the brand by voting for their favorite performance.

After almost a decade with little to no main stream exposure, INXS is touring and playing for packed houses again. And, just like American Idol, viewers feel that they had their say in making music and cultural history.

Can't wait to hear which band is awarded 2006's “Most Desired Music Product Placement.”


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