Woody Allen Film Takes Advantage of Podcasts

DreamWorks is promoting the new Woody Allen film, "Match Point" through exclusive downloadable video content. In the five available video podcasts, Allen talks about the making of "Match Point." There are also interviews with the actors: Matthew Goode, Scarlett Johansoon, Emily Mortimer and Jonathan Rhys Meyers available. Consumers can download the podcasts onto their computers, an iPod or other MP3 player—for free at or at .

This marks the first time a studio has used free video iPod content to promote a film's release. Dreamworks has demonstrated that they know how to use technology to generate buzz.

The opportunities to extend this type of content distribution and film promotion will prove very powerful to brand partners in the near future. Especially since there is very limited free video iPod content on the market to date.

"Match Point" opens worldwide on January 20th.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good catch! I just read your post and downloaded the first interview.

2:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Woody on my Ipod. Welcome to 2006

3:33 PM  

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