Gatorade: A Product Placement Success

Yesterday’s Super Bowl XL got us thinking about what brands know how to successfully play in the sports integration field. We considered apparel, telecommunication, alcohol, jewelry and a variety of other omnipresent brands and products. However, we landed on one brand whose product is never on the field but always on the sidelines.


Consider what the brand means to athletes and coaches.
• On the bench- your favorite player just ran for a 75 yard touchdown. What’s the first brand he touches? Gatorade.
• Stacks of branded cups waiting in line to provide instant refreshment and relief to the entire team. Gatorade.
• 30 seconds left in the game and the players strategically circle the coach for the ceremonial bath…what brand signifies the game’s winner? Gatorade.
• Commentators have even begun discussing how players are moving quicker to the ceremonial soaking. Gatorade.

Camera crews understand that Gatorade is as much a part of the professional sports world as cheerleaders, scoreboards, commentators and blimps. It has become part of sports dialogue and history. How can a team possibly celebrate a win without Gatorade?


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