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Great article in the Sunday New York Times Business Section on Bob Greenberg and the future of advertising.

Greenberg has won almost every industry award for creativity including the Academy Award, Cannes Lions and the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award for Communications in 2003. He was honored to be named as the 2004 Cannes Cyber Lions Jury President.

"Other marketing frontiers are arising, and Mr. Greenberg is happy to tick off some examples: quick response codes embedded on movie posters that allow trailers to be downloaded directly onto cellphones placed near them; billboards used by companies like Dove that let consumers vote on themes or messages by cellphone; instant messaging and ads streamed through game consoles like Xbox or online gaming networks; and wireless services like Dodgeball that help people find peers at bars and restaurants within a 10-block radius after they pinpoint their own location by sending a short text message to the service."

Marketers will continue to move away from the :30 second TV spot and toward more measurable media. Marketers and content providers need to consider different types of response metrics that can be applied to entertainment marketing projects. Think short codes on film posters, limited ring tone offers, content downloads, and film podcasts available exclusively from a brand partner's microsite.

Source: NYTimes


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