Watching television this weekend I saw a great ad for a new website called,, a Turner Broadcasting shopping experience. The channels included on the site are CNN, Headline News, TBS, TNT, Turner South and the Cartoon Network.

The site enables viewers of the channels to search, identify and purchase brands from all of the Turner Broadcasting advertisers. Bamzu then sends your purchase request to an independent merchant for fulfillment while providing the customer with a tracking number.

As marketers continue to demand ROI measurement, media partners will look to create their own "measurement nets" with which to capture and track all potential sales activity.


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i order the working truck vidio on the phone and paid for three to five shipping last thurday and today friday the next week now were are the vidios my name is mary quinones at 72 park ave revere ma 02151 please they are for my son brithday gift this week please send them out

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