Failure to Launch Promotions

The new Paramount film, "Failure to Launch" has some truly unexpected partners. But before we mention the partners here is a sentence about the premise. The film revolves around Matthew McConaughey, a thirtysomething slacker who suspects his parents of setting him up with his dream girl so he'll finally vacate their home.

Ok, now that we know it is a date film we can mention the partners: NASCAR, Perfect Match, Baskin Robbins and Hilton Hotels are all helping to "launch" the film to a big box office opening weekend. The NASCAR branding, which will be visible in a race this weekend in Vegas, is a great way to get the male side of a date into the theatre.

This is Perfect Matches second big romantic comedy promotion, remember "Must Love Dogs?" Perfect Match will offer a romantic trip for two to Hollywood and is supported by TV, online and print advertisements. We are anxiously awaiting the box office results to see how effective the promotions were.


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