Penguins, Ford and Baked Beans

The Brandcameo product placement awards from Brandchannel are up, so we took the liberty of posting two of our favorite choices and their top pick of 2005.

The top pick went to Ford Motor Company:
"A successful product placement either introduces or reinforces a brand name in the audience's mind. As a large, established brand, Ford Motor Company's placements are brand reinforcements, and reinforce Ford did. Its 19 placements in 2005 mean that Ford appeared in nearly 50 percent of all Number One films (41 total)."

The Brandcameo 2005 Award for Achievement by an Oscar-Nominated Film went to "March of the Penguins" due to the increase in popularity of penguin exhibits. British chef Jamie Oliver "The Naked Chef," confessed to having accepted over $25,000 to place Heinz baked beans on the menu of his high-end restaurant, under the name "Best Baked Bean Bruschetta." For that, Oliver received a runner-up award from the publication.

We offer our congrats to Detroit, Penguins and a Naked Chef.

Check out the article in Business Week online.


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