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Gillete, Pepsi, Burger King, Puffs and a host of other great brands find themselves being made fun of by the Writers Guild of America.

"Some of us work as reality writers and editors (yes, those shows really are written), and we know first-hand how the story gets short-changed every time a reality show gets taken over by an advertiser. We’re the ones forced to put in long hours just to figure out how we’re going to embed that can of soda into the storyline eight more times before the final episode.

Some of us are members of the WGA, and we don’t think advertising and network executives’ desire to cash in on the emotional connections viewers have with their favorite show should go unchecked. Together, we’re also working to make sure reality editors and writers get the respect and recognition they deserve." Source

You can even download the video to your ipod. These writers are very clever.


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