Product Placement Search Engine

ThoughtWorthy Media has launched a new online vertical search engine for televised product placement, music, spot advertising, and all other TV merchandising relationships. The search engine promises to provide viewers with the technology to identify the music, clothes, cosmetics, cars, electronics, and jewelry that either appeared in or were inspired by the latest episodes of their favorite TV shows, music videos, movies, and commercials. They can then write reviews praising those product placements that worked and criticizing those that didn't. In addition, viewers can purchase any items after their on-screen product appearance.

"What viewers often and justifiably complain about today isn't the amount of product placement on TV, but rather the amount of brand placement," said Daniel P. Swartz, founder, chairman, and CEO of ThoughtWorthy Media. "Product placement is a good thing. A beautiful car is a beautiful car and a stylish sweater is a stylish sweater. Consumers want both. What viewers have a problem with, however, is a close-up shot of a soda can or some terribly forced line of dialogue containing the mention of an advertiser's brand name."


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