Web Series Product Placement

ClickZ News reports that PersonalScreen Media is in discussions with a number of TV networks in order to strike a distribution deal for "In Men We Trust." The show, a female focused original Web drama is a series of seven-minute video episodes with plenty of product placement.

The show, "In Men We Trust" is about single women in the big city and features a video player that displays a dialogue bubble on the right hand of the video window. The company claims to have integrated clothing and restaurant brands into the web series and is looking for a variety of different brand partners.

"We had less than a month to sell advertisers on a concept that they weren't clear on exactly," said Amato, explaining why the company's first series featured so few product integrations. "We actually have a lot of advertisers that are interested in subsequent shows that couldn't move fast enough for this one."
"In Men We Trust" was shot on digital video, with production costs running just under $400,000. The director of photography used 35 millimeter lenses on a video camera in an effort to give it a "film feel," said Amato.
PersonalScreen hopes to strike such a deal and get "In Men We Trust" online by mid-May. Initial plans are for a new episode to be posted every week.


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