Why does Apple get so much attention in Hollywood?

A recent report by Nielsen Media Research found that Apple's products were mentioned or viewed 250 times over the past four months on TV shows. Apple received more than four minutes of exposure to audiences of "The Office" alone. CBS's "CSI: NY," Fox's "24" and NBC's "Las Vegas," all had significant Apple product integrations.

Why does Apple get so much attention from Hollywood?
The answer:
1) Its products are cool. Writers and set designers like the way Apple products makes their characters and sets feel and look. Think Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex in the City.”
2) Apple was one of the first companies to embrace Hollywood and has a long history in the industry
3) Writers use Apple products. The lesson here is that all brands NEED to have a Hollywood integration strategy. The earlier in the process of creating the content a brand can integrate, the better their placement will be.

Imagine not paying for 250 mentions on prime time television in four months. With the right Hollywood strategy, your brand could be the next Apple.


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