New Product Placement Companies Don't Get It

It is worthwhile to note an error in this week’s Madison and Vine article, "New Online Service Lets Marketers Hunt for Integration Deals."

The article incorrectly states that two new online product placement companies were first to market this year. Ahhh….not exactly. Our company, Magnetic Alliance, which we are proud to be a part of was launched over 3 years ago. Hummm, can you say late to the party?

We would argue that the space has shifted from a product placement intensive industry where the focus of brands is to get their products on screen, to more elaborate partnerships between content producers. It’s all about generating viewer engagement by leveraging the equity of content.

Let’s face it, the advances in digital content create some far more exciting opportunities for marketers to leverage entertainment properties than just sticking products on sets. Besides, product placement is not a profit center for a studio the way that ticket sales and content distribution generate revenues. So, it’s all about ‘deep partnerships’. Clearly, the evolution of these marketing techniques makes a system focused on avails somewhat irrelevant in today’s industry. It's like being invited to a party but not knowing the address.

Magnetic Alliance was the first to bring an online collaboration technology to the archaic rolodex-driven product placement industry. As industry leaders, we have shifted our focus to collaborative partnerships between advertisers and content producers while still using a proprietary software technology solution. Magnetic Alliance customers don't care about one-off product placement opportunities and none of them would ever bid for an avail.

It's all about matching advertiser’s brand essence with the thematic relevance of content. It's all about being creative. It's all about your entertainment strategy. It's all about industry knowledge. It's all about deal experience. It's all about being 'Magnetic'.


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I got an idea...why don't we sneak some products onto the set?


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