World Cup Sex Toys?

We are firm believers in using the power of content to drive product sales so we had to bring this to our audience.

World Cup-themed sex toys and apparel are here. At Beate Uhse, Germany’s erotic superstore, the company is selling six “sporty vibrators,” tight-fitting soccer jerseys for women and an “erotic energy drink,” guaranteeing “an erotic home game that is a lot more exciting than any football tournament.”

And did we mention that they have also taken a dabble into branded content?

A specially filmed "World Cup Porno" DVD consists of the following plot: A group of men have been stricken by football fever and are neglecting their girlfriends, who promptly solve the problem by slipping on sexy football shirts to make themselves irresistible once again. The film's main star, 'Manuel', is a real football player from a regional German division, boasts the retailer.

Got to love the World Cup!


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