Get Real by A&E Television

That real person in that real show on A&E is really holding a real product.

A&E is going all out in product placement. One of the tattoo artists on "Inked" will get a new Dodge Caliber to replace his beloved but beat-up older Dodge. The character, Dizzle, gets kidded about his old Dodge, leading to the idea of having the head of the tattoo parlor give him a sharp new ride. Dodge supplied the car while A&E supplied the viewers.

Dodge also will be the sponsor of the show's premiere episodes and get category exclusivity in them. The network will create special promos for the Caliber episode using footage from the show, and Dodge will be tagged on TV and print tune-in ads.

KFC will also get category exclusivity as sponsor of premier episodes of "Driving Force," - the family will eat KFC at home and brand the car with KFC.

So, is product placement better in reality programming or is it just easier? Only sales will tell.


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