Product Placement on the Dinner Table

As I watched the final, final episode of "Six Feet Under" on my HBO on demand, I couldn't stop focusing on the stuff on the table. Although the show was one of my all time favorites, I wondered what wine were they drinking for the occasion? And how did they get that particular wine on the table. Was it the director, the actor or even the boss at HBO?

I researched it and found that it was from the Turnbull Wine Cellars, a Napa Valley wine or an "elegant, special occasion kind of wine."

At the Clos du Val winery in Napa Valley, officials have been pursuing product placement for about five years and calculate appearances of their wines on TV and movie sets have yielded thousands of dollars worth of publicity, said Holly Myers, vice president of marketing.

A successful placing was in the movie "The Terminal," in which Tom Hanks orders a Clos du Val cabernet sauvignon for a romantic dinner.

"It's not something where we're on a major TV show Thursday night and Friday morning our phones are ringing off the hook," Myers said. "For us, it's there as a process, getting your wine into the hands of the right people. Word will kind of spread."


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