It's Bar Mitzvah Time for Product Placement

A PQ Media report, scheduled to be released today, predicts that marketers will remain enamored with placing products wherever they can: in movies, television and radio shows; on Web sites; in video games; in lyrics; in newspaper and magazine articles; and even in the plots of novels. Product placement is all grown up.

The New York Times refers to this phenomenon as "ad creep" in which pop culture grows increasingly commercialized. They also report that the practice is gaining popularity overseas.

Spending on paid placements worldwide will reach $3.1 billion this year, the PQ report forecasts, compared with $2.2 billion in 2005. The United States led last year with $1.5 billion in paid placements, the report says, followed by Brazil, Australia, France and Japan.

Is this surprising? Absolutely not.

The value of entertainment integration grows every time a user skips an ad. And if you have a tivo device (I’m sure you do) then you probably skip a lot of ads. Integrations, if done right, are proven to be powerful, malleable, engaging, measurable and just marketing.

So the question is how do you find a placement that makes sense for your brand? The answer....identify every opportunity, speak to the producers (see how malleable the content is) and start to brainstorm.

We find that the best ideas are typically not the first ideas. Remember that everyone wants a deal that makes them look like a hero to their stakeholders.


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Over 40% growth from last year- if you aren't playing in this field you shouldn't be in marketing

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Love this!!!!!!!!

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