In today’s AdAge, there is a great article on Warner Bros entering the content creation and ownership business. The move by one of the original “content creators” and called ‘Studio 2.0” is being helmed by award-winning ad-industry veteran Rich Rosenthal, who has spent years at Young & Rubicam.

Studio 2.0 will draw from Warner Bros. resources, including on-air and behind-the-camera talent, and Mr. Rosenthal will act as a sort of talent scout. "We view this as a natural extension of what we do every day as content creators, and we're adapting to the digital environment," said Bruce Rosenblum, president of Warner Bros. Television Group. "Since advertisers were intimately involved in the early days of television, it makes sense for them to be involved in this arena, too."

There's no deal in place, but logic suggests programming could be distributed on sibling AOL, and licensed to websites and wireless providers. There's no blueprint for how the partnerships will work, Mr. Rosenblum said, nor is there a business model for financing the programming, though it's expected marketers will help foot the bill through sponsorships, integration fees or co-financing.