The ABC's of Advertising Product Placement

We are often asked, as experts in this field, how can media and advertising agencies get the most for their clients in the world of entertainment marketing, product placement and promotions. Well, the answer is both very simple and very complex. we go:

Q) How to find content that is best suited for your client and feel confident that you can make a deal that will be worth your time?

A) Overcommit to managing your client's expectations and do your best to work with your client on several projects at a time. The content production business is too unpredictable for an agency to risk their "capital" on a single project as good deals often fall apart for the most unforeseen reasons. So instead, use a system like Magnetic Alliance to find and select a range of content opportunities that fit your client's objectives. And most importantly, use hard facts and don't get seduced by the bright lights of Hollywood.

Q) How do you know which content is right?

A) The best you can do is to match your brand/product creative objectives and target demographic with those of entertainment content. For example, a flower delivery service's creative brief may match-up well with the "chick-flick" positioned "organizing a wedding can be difficult, help me make it simple" inherent theme in an upcoming "License To Wed" film from Warner Bros. Just about every creative brief can be well-matched to an upcoming project within film, TV, gaming, music and other pop culture content.

Q) How do we best work with content providers such as film studios?

A) Know what you bring to the table, and be prepared to commit to a deal early. Nothing is worse than spending your time and theirs on a program only to realize that you don't have the support from your client to make it happen. And take a really hard look at what your client has to offer. Remember, studios are not in the business of generating revenues through product placement fees, they are in the business of content distribution. For them, IT'S ALL ABOUT BUTTS IN SEATS, AND SUBSEQUENT DVDS OUT THE DOOR. For you, it's all about influencing the purchasing behavior of your target customers. They want access to a brand's measured media as well as direct mail and other promotional support to help raise their opening weekend and DVD sales numbers. And you want to leverage the equity of their content along with the endorsement of their celebrity, to drive your product out the door. Just consider their perspective, on a $50MM film budget with a $20MM marketing spend, what's more beneficial, a brand writing a $200K check for product placement fee, or committing $5MM in media that's a 25% bump to the studio's original spend? And remember, it's media dollars that your client was spending anyway, not an incremental increase.


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I think agencies are starting to get it. Sometimes the problem is really at the client level.

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Will Ferrell,NASCAR & Taladega nights!!

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