The Entertainment Integration Pyramid

How much should I pay for entertainment? For product placement? For promotions?

The answer is clearly…(hold on)….unanswerable.

It’s like asking how much you should pay to make a movie like “Titanic”. You can make “Titanic” with the video recorder on your Moto cell phone, a few neighbors and a bathtub...or you can make a multi-million dollar replica of the boat, the jewel, and the disaster. Hey, it cost James Cameron $200 million dollars to make his version of the “Titanic” but he did make over $1.9 billion at the box office.

So how should you spend your shareholders’ money on entertainment?

Think of integration, favorability, promotion, and press as all critical components of our industry’s pyramid. You need each component to build the perfect pyramid. Everything else…doesn’t matter.

Integration: Although Magnetic Alliance has been responsible for literally hundreds of on screen integrations, we continue to reinforce to our clients that it is not the integration that drives success. It is everything that connects the integration to product (or service) sales. Does seeing an iPod in a Tuesday television show make you want to buy it? How many cars have you seen on screen? Is the fact that your favorite Jersey mafia man drive a Chevy make you want to buy a Chevy? But, integration is clearly critical to activating your successful partnership. It is truly the foundation of each one of your strategies so be sure to not end your partnership on-screen.

Favorability: Favorability, association, character marketing, etc., are all integration strategies that play a significant role in changing your consumer’s perspectives on your brand. How you employ them to drive sales is the key. Now take that same Jersey mafia man, and think about him buying his lovely wife a new SUV. Now, the key is his reason why he is doing his action. Is he buying it to get in his wife’s good graces? Or is he buying it because he has a good deal. The power of favorability is often the hardest part of the deal to activate as it relies on script integration. If you can, try to start your partnership early, so the writers and producers understand your dream favorability scenario.

Promotion: A direct driver of sales! Promotion connects the integration and the favorability while giving consumers a “reason” to buy now. Simple promotional execution…get exclusive content from our brand now. Get a deal just because you like the content or the characters. Get a deal because this product is now “special”. Imagine the Jersey mafia guy giving you a special code to get a great deal on that perfect HDTV. Maybe it “fell off the back of a truck”. Make the deal mean something to the consumer by enabling them to experience the product.

Press: The top of the pyramid. Never do a deal without figuring out how the story can best be told. And of course, how you are going to share your story with not only your boss, consumers and partners but also with your employees. No one does this better than NASCAR. They know that sponsors’ love to show off their auto sponsorships to their employees. Show off your entertainment strategy to everything. Even if it is a series of movie passes, special internal website or unique promotion, you can truly make all of your stakeholders bigger fans of your brand.


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Agree- not sure why car companies spend so much money on integration

can you remember what car you saw on TV last night?

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