What is Product Placement?

We asked some of Magnetic Alliance's favorite producers and marketers for some thoughts:

Product placement is hot.
Product placement is "so yesterday".
Product placement makes money
Product placement makes brands relevant.
Product placement makes brands feel that they are no longer just a brand.

Magnetic Alliance believes that product placement is a term that needs to evolve with the industry. It needs to be more than placement. It needs to be more than product. It needs to be an alliance based on a viewer's passions.

American Express "gets" product placement. Every TiVo addict understands that American Express means access - access to future Lost scenes or Prison Break. The ability to use their card product (for membership access) in a meaningful way to connect with a targeted and passionate audience.

Maybe product placement means nothing more than entertaining people with your product. Or maybe product placement is just a term as overused as "advertising".


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