A Product Placement Agency for YouTube?

We found this great post on ZDNet. Worth the read:

But for those You Tube video creators who might want to make some cash, I have a business idea that could work.

Someone-ideally a new media ad agency but maybe a dedicated service that would place products in You Tube posts of YT creators who would be fine with that notion?

Here's how this would work. Agency solicits clients who want their product(s) featured. The same agency assesses applications from YT content creators who would be willing to participate.

As part of the application process, the creator's historical YT views patterns would be assessed.

Then, if a contract is struck and the product included in the video, a threshold, or "floor" number of views would be established. If this floor- say 5,000 views a day- is exceeded, the agency- through the advertiser- would pay the content creator or producer. YOuTube (or Google, once the acquisition of YT is complete) should be cut in as well. Heck, it is their servers, you know.

In tern, the content creator would get a percentage of that payment.

I know you purists out there who hate most product placements will spurn the idea.

But if all parties are willing, doesn't this idea make sense?


Anonymous Mirranda said... and its YouTube channel InShotTV are leaders in online product placement for user-generated content. They are also have Copacabana Exchange.

2:14 AM  

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